What is TMJ disorder?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the mandible( lower jaw) to the skull and regulates the movement of the jaw. The TMJ is one of the most complex, delicate and highly used joints in a human body. The most important functiuons of the TMJ are mastication and speech. 

What is the symtoms of TMJ disorder?

Pain or tenderness on your jaw.
Difficulty chewing or discomfort during chewing.
Locking on the joint, difficult to open or close.
Facial pain or pain around the ear.

What is the causes of TMJ disorder?

It is difficult to tell you what is the exact cause of TMJ disorder.
It is combination of several problems.
1. Stress( stress tighten face and jaw muscles, and clench the teeth.)
2. postural problem of the head and neck (head forwarded posture)
3. Injury to the jaw
4. Aging
5. Disc dislocation
6. Grinding  the teeth
7. Arthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis.

90% of TMJ disorder comes from Muscle problem and postural reason. so Acupuncture Treatment is a good option for TMJ. Most of TMJ patients have a neck and shoulder pain or stiffness, so that acupuncture needling will be applied to neck and shoulder too.

TMJ disorder in Acupuncture

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