Tension Type Headache in Acupuncture

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Tension Type Headache in Acupuncture
What is Tension type Headache or Tension Headache?

Tension Headache is a diffuse, mild to moderate pain in head. Sometimes patients describe it as feeling like a tight band around the head.

What is the cause of Tension type headache?

unknown well and still studying.

What is the benefit of Acupuncture for Tension Headache?

Nowadays Acupuncture Treatment is applying for tension-type headache widely.
At 2009, in Cochrane review, authors conclude that acupuncture could be a valuable non-pharmacological tool in patients with frequent episodic or chronic tension-type headaches.

Besides, at 2012 in U.K. guideline "Consider a course of up to 10 sessions of acupuncture over 5~8 weeks for the prophylactic treatment of chronic tension-type headache" The research, that conducted in Australia, 2013 gives us which acupuncture treatment is effective for Tension-type headache,  "Electro-acupuncture, twice a week, 30mins"

You can check the papers about acupuncture treatment for Tension Headache, below

Factors associated with conflicting findings on acupuncture for tension-type headache: qualitative and quantitative analyses.