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What is Migraine?

It is a chronic disorder characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headaches often associated with a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to light. Throbbing pain is usually felt on one side of the head.
It is caused by abnormal brain activity, which can be triggered by a number of factors. However, the exact chain of events remains unclear. Today, most medical experts believe the attack begins in the brain, and involves nerve pathways and chemicals. The changes affect blood flow in the brain and surrounding tissues.

What is the sign or symtoms of Migraine?

1. Visual disturbances (temporary blind spot ,blurred vision, eye pain ,tunnel vision, seeing stars or zigzag lines)

2. Headache Feel throbbing, pounding, or pulsating
Are worse on one side of the head
Start as a dull ache and get worse within minutes to hours( may last 6-48 hrs)
Other symptoms that may occur with the headache include: Chills,, fatique, sweatingLoss of appetite, nausea and vomittingNumbness, tingling, or weakness
Problems concentrating, trouble finding words

What is the storong point of Acupuncture treatment for Migraine.

 Acupunctrue Treatment for Migraine is very safe, and effective, natural. And rare side effects. Many studies perfomed all over the world and It has been proved.  You can check the evidences through the links below.

Traditional acupuncture in migraine: a controlled, randomized study

Acupuncture versus valproic acid in the prophylaxis of migraine without aura: a prospective controlled study.

Efficacy of acupuncture for migraine prophylaxis: a single-blinded, double-dummy, randomized controlled trial.

Acupuncture versus topiramate in chronic migraine prophylaxis: a randomized clinical trial.

Migraine in Acupucnture Treatment