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Acupuncture Treatment for Stress, Anxiety,Depression

Nowadays, the number of patients who have stress disorder, depression, agitation, anxiety disorder is increasing. 

It reduce the productivity of a whole society, This kind of problems  worsen the patient's quality of life.

Many studies has been performed to prove the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment for Stress, Anxiety, Depression. 

 According to some studies, Acupuncture Treatment could be a cost-effective way to solve these problems.

Acupuncture Treatment for Stress, anxiety, depression is almost similar but little different, depends on the patient's symtoms and condition.

The similarity is to relax our body, it deactivates sympathetic nervous system. 
Compared with stellate ganglion block, Acupuncture is less effective but cost effective and safe way to deactivate sympathetic nerve.

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